About Marqem

Marqem was founded in 2012 based on more than 16 years of experience in the market. Our focus is on serving our suppliers and customers in the most efficient and cost effective way, and building long-term partnerships. Our main goals for our suppliers are to increase sales and expand to new markets in a gradual and steady way. Main goals for our customers are to be a competitive and always look for new sources, and innovative products.

Medical wholesaling, trading and distribution

Marqem B.V. is a medical wholesaling, trading and distribution company and we have more than 16 years of experience in the medical branded market. We have good network within Europe, Middle East and Far East in which we sell to and buy from manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, mailorder companies and webstores. These healthcare providers deliver our products to pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and patients.

We are distributor for some well known brands in the Netherlands and some countries in Europe.

Stability & flexibility

Due to Marqem’s experience, flexibility and independence, we are able to generate alternate sales or supplies based on better pricing and efficient logistics. Marqem supplies and sets up distribution of medical product based on our strong and reliable international network, and many years of experience in the market.


Main activities of Marqem are wholesaling, trading and distribution.